Largo's First Wawa Gets a Little More Space

City leaders added about 4,520 square feet, considered easement, as part of plans for the city’s first Wawa convenience store, coming soon to Ulmerton Road.

Two slivers of land.

One just more than 1,720 square feet. The other a little more than 2,800 square feet. 

But those thin, grassy swaths soon will be patched to a 2.46-acre site that will become home to Largo's first Wawa.

Recently, city leaders unanimously approved a plan to vacate easements 10 feet wide and 172 feet long along the west and a 10-foot-by-280-foot section to the south at the Ulmerton Crossings site, where a 5,537-square-foot Wawa soon will be built.

The Wawa at 8910 Ulmerton Rd. is part of a larger 11-acre retail project. Plans for the shopping center include a proposed Walmart Neighborhood Market and possibly two more retail buildings.

The popular convenience store from the Northeast is known for its built-to-order hoagies, fresh-brewed coffee, breakfast sandwiches and fresh produce.

Wawa created a special store design and architecture for its Florida stores. The store's kitchen area will be the focal point, with food service, fresh beverages and a fresh express cafe. There will be abundant natural light and "warm Florida materials and colors," according to the Wawa website.

The chain held a grand opening last week for its Pinellas Park location, its first in Pinellas County.

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David February 15, 2013 at 02:00 PM
The site was being demo'd about 6 months ago and now the equipment is idle. When do they plan to break ground on it? I wonder why they included the old movie theater site in it. Maybe with the Walmart grocery store as the anchor it might bring in someone new, who knows. It will be nice to see progress on this corner though.
joann jackson February 24, 2013 at 04:06 PM
Promises, Promises
B Wood February 24, 2013 at 06:30 PM
The way your editor hypes these large corporate store openings (Walmart, WAWA, Thortons) in multiple articles spread over several weeks, you would think she owns stock in them.... or maybe she likes to give them free advertising because they are sooooo disadvantaged (I am being a bit sarcastic). It would be since if she supported the opening of local independent businesses more and not focus all of her attention to the big corporate interests. Don't get me wrong, any new store opening is a good thing. It benefits the community when the large corporations/chains hire some $8-10/hr workers, but all of their gross profits go out of the community, the State and maybe out of country and those dollars is a lot bigger number than their employes get. As a local resident and business owner, all of my employees pay including my store profits are invested or spent in the Largo community. When I newly opened my independent business, 2-1/2 years ago, I repeatedly asked the editor to run 1 or 2 business article about my store opening with their distribution via their email listing to inform the Largo residents. I got no response except to type an announcement that I never saw distributed and that very few readers saw. My business has survived... thank's to the Largo community and our customers that support my business. It might have been a little easier if the Patches editor had a been a little fairer and more helpful than she was.
jenny naegele February 24, 2013 at 07:56 PM
well, there are already 2 big stations on other corners... they are going to come into town... put in so many stations and then start closing them! like Sweetbay, Checkers... always think MORE is better... can't hardly afford gas as it is!! jen


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