Property Taxes May Increase

The city manager's preliminary budget proposal shows a possible 2.75 percent increase in property tax rates.

Property tax rates could go up slightly next year. The proposed millage rate is 4.8053. 

Largo's City Manager Norton Craig released on June 29 the proposed budget for the next year, which starts Oct. 1.

The city commission still needs to review the proposed budget, so the final tax rate may change.

The Proposed Budget:

The estimated cost to run the city from Oct. 1, 2012 to Sept. 30, 2013 is $156,117,300. This includes personnel, operating, capital and debit service. This is $3.3 million less than the previous budget year.

Since 2008 Largo has trimmed its budget almost $15 million and cut the equivalent of 90 full-time positions. Largo has around 854 employees currently, according to the preliminary budget report.

Proposed Ways to Trim the Budget:

  • cut about 23 more staff members  (some positions are not filled)
  • no employee raises (but giving employees four more personal days)
  • reduce health insurance costs
  • police and fire pension benefit changes
  • reduce library materials budget
  • partially contract out custodial services
  • reduce support of the golf course
  • contract out some grounds maintenance
  • fewer performances at the cultural center
  • increase some ticket, rental and recreation fees

Budget Schedule:

  • July 10 - The formal budget presentation at the city commission workshop
  • July 17- The City Commission establishes the maximum property tax rate
  • August 17- City Commission budget review
  • Sept. 4- City Commission First Public Hearing and Tentative Millage Rate and Budget
  • Sept. 2- City Commission Second Public Hearing and Final Millage Rate and Budget
  • Oct. 1- Fiscal Year 2013 begins
Amy Wilhelm July 05, 2012 at 08:08 PM
Seriously? We are looking into buying a house but, im not paying high taxes on something i buy that appraises for what the city thinks its worth not what i paid for it.
Melissa Lattman July 05, 2012 at 08:29 PM
Hi Amy, Thanks for weighing in! No final decision has been made. The city manager shared a proposed budget. There are several steps yet before a final tax rate is set. There will be a couple of public hearings as well!
Marcus October 19, 2012 at 01:05 PM
Why doesn't Largo STOP wasting money on made-up projects that usually end up destroying trees and nature in the long run. Killing and knocking down 100s of majestic trees only to add knew stick like tiny ones for yet ANOTHER recreation center was very much uncalled for. How many rec centers does Largo need? And rarely is anyone at the last one (Eagle Lake Park) they wasted how many millions on? The news I keep seeing is that everyone loves the 'amenities' but I have not spoken to one person yet that wants OUR money wasted on these projects - except those getting paid for them of course.


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