Presidential Candidates' Cookie Sales Are Brisk at Frida's Cafe on Election Day

For the third presidential election, Frida's is selling sugar cookies with the likeness of the presidential candidates. According to the cookie sales, Barack Obama is in the lead.

Will President Barack Obama or Gov. Mitt Romney be the next president?

If sugar cookies are a polling indicator, Obama will return for a second term.

For the third presidential election, Frida's Cafe & Bakery on Ulmerton Road in Largo is selling sugar cookies with the likenesses of the presidential candidates, and Obama had the lead Tuesday morning. 

On Election Day, cookie sales were brisk. With 4,774 cookies sold since the conventions this summer, Obama led election morning with 53 percent of sales.

But a news segment on Fox News Channel 13 drew more customers to the bakery to buy cookies. So much so that bakery owner Frida Aalipour had to call in an extra bakery worker to keep up with demand, she said.

Largo resident Jerry McLellan learned about the cookies and drove to the bakery to buy two Romney cookies, he said.

At a table nearby a couple ate brunch with Obama cookies for dessert. L.J. Tucker said they heard about the cookie sales and decided they had not been to Frida's in awhile, so they may as well come on Election Day, he said. 


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