New Walmart Coming to Missouri Avenue in Largo

Neighbors recently learned details of the plans for the new grocery and retail center.

Walmart plans to build a new supercenter across the street from its existing location on Missouri Avenue North.

The current K-Mart building will be razed and replaced with a new, larger Walmart store, which will offer grocery, deli, garden, pharmacy and retail merchandise, according to Walmart spokesman Glen Wilkins.

The proposed new Walmart will be 123,000 square feet, while the current Walmart across the street is 108,000 square feet. The existing K-Mart is actually slightly larger, at 125,000 square feet, but efficiencies with backroom operations, delivery and smaller packaging will allow the retailer to get more merchandise in less space, Wilkins said.

Neighbors packed the Community Room at Largo City Hall on Sept. 25 to learn about the planned store and ask questions. Lighting, storm water drainage, traffic and noise were some of the concerns expressed.

"How are you going to deal with the beep, beep, beep, bong, when trucks back up?" asked one stay-at-home mom.

Although Wilkins did not know the set schedule for deliveries yet, he said there would be a 20-foot buffer for sound, including green space. He also said the trucks do not idle at the store, but drop off the load, pick up another trailer and leave.

The stormwater drainage at the new store will be treated and stored on site through a mixture of green space and underground storage for water, Walmart representatives said.

The new store will have two access points off of Missouri and two off of Rosery, although the locations may be slightly adjusted. The parking lot will have 18 percent green space compared to the current lot's five percent of green space. There will be trees, shrubbery and pedestrian access walks, according to company representatives.

Walmart is moving because its lease is up at the current location. Plus, the retailer wanted to provide more services its customers request including a full grocery store, Wilkins said.

The new Walmart project at 1000 Missouri Ave. N., does not include the nearby Burger King or closed gas station. Those parcels are owned by other parties, Walmart representatives said.

Any time a new development comes to Largo, near a residential area, a neighborhood compatibility meeting is held so neighbors can learn about plans, ask questions, and voice concerns, said Largo Planner Thomas Wojtki.

B Wood October 02, 2012 at 01:54 AM
Well, the Chinese export businesses will be happy too! Why don't the politicians make them agree to buy American before they give approval? Don't we need those jobs or will we all wait for big government jobs complete with rent assistance and food stamps?
Diane October 08, 2012 at 08:29 PM
If the rent lease is up where WalMart stands now, it makes sense to move across the street. A upgraded Walmart with food available also will make it a one stop shopping for many of us. Personally my friends and I are looking forward to the new Super Walmart in Largo because the nearest one is in Pinellas Park.
True American November 14, 2012 at 02:10 AM
Bet your not using a American computer to write your message. Walmart is a great company offers customers a choice of course you also have a choice not to shop at walmart . Tell me one store any where in Largo that only sells American made goods.
Melissa Arndt April 01, 2013 at 03:49 PM
Definitely a welcome addition. The other one has needed a facelift for quite some time now and a better grocery; this is perfect. I can put the 'export' opinions aside because I know the store will be bigger and will be host for more job opportunities. A new store always increases the aesthetic values too and this street NEEDS that.
huahua June 04, 2013 at 02:47 AM
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