New City Hall Roof Will Cost 25 Percent More

The re-roofing project had to be redesigned because of the condition of the old roof, according to city officials.

The cost of a new Largo City Hall roof is now about 25 percent more than originally anticipated, city officials said. 

The new roof will cost $1,026,307.60, according to the change order.

"As we started work on the roof, we found some unacceptable conditions ... (that) did not allow for us to continue with the process we were following," said Facility Manager Glen Harwood.

Orginal drawings of the gypsum deck roof did not accurately reflect the design of the roof. The edges of the existing roof were not flat like the rest of the roof. So the plans for the new roof required some modifications, Harwood said.

Changes include additional structural steel, more dimensional lumber, and additional roof drains, according to the change order.

The Largo City Commission approved the $220,000 additional expenditure at the Oct. 16 meeting. The proposed budget amendment would transfer the money from the unassigned general fund balance to the 2013 general operating budget. Because the money for the project needs to be moved between city accounts, the commission must vote on the proposal a second time at its Nov. 7 meeting.

A separate project change order for $22,907.69 was approved previously to correct the same problems on another portion of the roof, according to Harwood's report.


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