Smell Something? Largo Plans to Lessen Sewer Odor at Paradise Island

The city recently completed an odor and corrosion study of the sanitary sewer system along 142nd and 150th avenues and parts of Paradise Island Mobile Home Park.

Something stinks in Largo.

The city plans to address an odor problem along 142nd and 150th avenues and parts of Paradise Island Mobile Home Park off Starkey Road after it was investigated in a recent study.

"There are still signifcant hydrogen sulfide related odor emissions and the potential for corrosion in the system in certain areas," according to the study presented at the Sept. 11 City Commission work session.

The city has developed short- and long-term solutions and will return to the city commission with specific plan and cost options.

Short-term solutions include special biofilters on manholes and special pliable check valves to prevent gas from going into adjacent private sewer systems. The short-term fixes would cost an estimated $10,000, said City Engineer Leland Dicus.

The long-term solutions include installing new ventilation systems and pilot testing possible alternate chemical treatment options. Those treatments would be incorporated in a separate, larger sewer system project, Dicus said.


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