Largo Approves $900,000 Bid to Dispose of Its Trash

Ever wonder where the trash goes?

Each week Largo's Public Works Department collects bulk and curbside yard debris, construction and demolition debris, appliances, and trash. Some of it goes to Pinellas County Solid Waste at a cost of $37.50 per ton. 

But Largo, in cooperation with the City of Dunedin, can get rid of some items like yard waste, construction debris, furniture and appliances cheaper through an agreement with several private companies.

On Oct. 2, the City of Largo awarded a $900,000 bid at its city commission meeting to get rid of construction debris, yard waste, appliances and furniture.

Four companies — Angelo's Recycled Materials, Greenway Recycling Inc., Waste Management of Florida, and Consolidated Resource Recovery — provide the disposal services. The blanket purchase orders secure the prices for the city but don't guarantee how much or which companies the city will use, according to a city report. 

The cost per ton for construction debris ranges $29.75 to $30 per ton. For clean yard waste, it's $18 to $30 per ton. For bagged yard waste, it's $24 to $36 per ton. For appliances and furniture (known as Class III), the cost range is $29.75 to $36 per ton. Plus there are mileage costs at $0.70 per mile, with round trips for Largo of 5.8 miles and for Dunedin of 17.4 miles.


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