Everett Rice on the Patch Podium: Use of Technology

Each of the Pinellas County sheriff candidates took a moment on the Patch Podium to explain — in his own words — how technology plays a role in future operations.

Each week, we're asking each of the Pinellas County Sheriff candidates a question that's important to you, the voter, so you can be informed come ballot time.

This week, we asked:

How do you see technology playing a role in day-to-day operations and the longterm success of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office?


Technology plays a very important role in the day to day and longtime success of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. Having served as a deputy, detective, sergeant, lieutenant, captain and chief of detectives, I know  the importance of advances in technology. When  I was elected sheriff I immediately began to implement and pioneer the use of technology at the sheriff’s office. Below is a list of some of the advances we made in this regard. Because of our aggressive use of and willingness to pioneer new technologies the sheriff’s office gained a reputation as a leader in the field of technology. 

  • Created Automated Fingerprint Identification System for Pinellas (AFIS), and led the state in AFIS Technology
  • Expanded computerized report writing and mobile digital terminals
  • Implemented Drug Use Forecasting (D.U.F.) site for the National Institute of Justice
  • Facial recognition program, pilot law enforcement site for facial recognition technology
  • Implemented GPS "Crime Tracking" of offenders
  • Created inmate video visitation
  • Major pilot program for Florida Crime-Trax
  • Enforcer Geo-Mapping and Countrywide Data Integration program

Accordingly, I have a proven record of pursuing advances in technology and I know that any technology plays a vital role in the current and future operations at the sheriff’s office.

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