Construction Starts on New Highland Recreation Complex

A new entrance and the demolition of the tennis courts are part of the first phase of construction. The city commission will review plans for the new building in March.

The first phase of the new started this week. The city is installing temporary, construction fencing to protect public areas of the current complex from the work site. The tennis courts will be demolished but the basketball courts will remain open, said Parks Superintendent Greg Brown.

The also includes adding an entrance to the recreation complex from Lake Avenue. When the t is complete the complex will have two entrances. The new entrance on Lake Avenue as well as access from Highland Avenue, Brown said.

The city commission approved phase one of the project at its Jan. 31 meeting. The commission will review proposed changes to phase two of the project in March. The second part of the project is the actual 40,000 square-foot new building.

The $17 million facility will replace the . To keep the project within budget the design team is considering some changes to the plans. The party rooms could be on the first floor instead of the second floor.  The second floor deck overlooking the aquatics center could be eliminated, according to city documents.

The most visible, proposed change would be the change of location for the party rooms. The original plans call for glass boxes extending from the front of the building. Placing the party rooms on the first floor saves construction money. The basic function and useable space of the proposed new recreation complex will be the same, said Assistant City Manager Henry Schubert.


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