City Administration Suggests Higher Tax Rate

The Largo City Commission will consider a proposed 7.3 percent tax increase at its July 17 meeting.

The Largo City Commission plans to set the maximum property tax rate for 2013 at tonight's meeting.

The commission still needs to review the budget and hold two public hearings, so the actual tax rate could be lower by the time the budget is approved in September.

The proposed tax rate is higher than originally anticipated. In a preliminary report . But the 2.75 percent tax increase would mean $900,000 more in budget cuts in 2014. The city manager's office now recommends the 7.3 percent tax increase.

"While many residents would prefer lower taxes, the city consistently receives public input opposing reductions in city services. The proposed rate will provide sufficient revenue to allow the city to continue to provide the quality services that residents and businesses value," according to the city report.

Since  2008, Largo's property values have declined more than 30 percent. During the same time period, the city has

If the proposed 7.3 percent increase passed, here is how it could affect your taxes:

  • A homesteaded property with an assessed value of about $83,025 would pay about $25 more in city taxes.
  • A homesteaded property with an assessed value of $221,399 would pay $105 more in city taxes.
  • A non-homesteaded property with an assessed value of $690,377 would pay $237 more in city taxes.

The proposed property tax set July 17 will be sent out to property owners next month. The Pinellas County Tax Appraiser sends out Truth in Millage or TRIM notices on August 20 to all property owners in Pinellas County.  The actual tax rate could be equal to or less than the tax rate on the TRIM notice.

Proposed Budget Schedule:

  • July 17- The City Commission establishes the maximum property tax rate
  • August 17- City Commission budget review
  • August 20- TRIM notices sent to Pinellas County property owners
  • Sept. 4- City Commission First Public Hearing and Tentative Millage Rate and Budget
  • Sept. 2- City Commission Second Public Hearing and Final Millage Rate and Budget
  • Oct. 1- Fiscal Year 2013 begins
Marcus September 06, 2013 at 06:15 PM
What a bunch of hot air on "why" the city 'administrators want a tax increase. This city wastes more money than most can imagine while the 'citizens' just try to survive. Like the Taj Mahal $25 million dollar+ Highland recreation center that WAS supposed to be done Oct 2012 but is still being 'constructed' with non-stop noise and frustration, if not torture, to the surrounding area (not to mention the tremors and shaking to the homes), and the 'city' just bought more property behind that, in addition to Eagle Lake Park a couple years ago and the new Largo Community Center (all within about 1 mile of Largo City Hall of course). They wasted how much on a poorly constructed roof that had to be redone on their own City Hall building? The 'community' meetings are only a show to just say what will appease the people at the time as the 'future land use' map and plans are already made up through 2018. Money wasted on destroying shade trees to put in new ones with barely any leaves much less shade, money for what seems like unlimited landscaping to their OWN buildings and properties, with no concern how most of it including the noise and heat effects the 'community' at all, although 'community' is the new catch-all phrase for getting money like, 'for the children' used to be. These people are no different than the Washington hot air blowers and to say the employees deserve a raise, well yes most lower level employees most likely do but some (and there are quite a few at the 'top') make well over $100,000 and have been in their position for way too long, saying the same things year after year after year after year....Oh and why do parks have to fenced in with signs saying "Property of Pinellas County? In case someone from Hillsborough or Manatee County wander by? Just my 2 cents...thanks for letting a life long Pinellas County resident vent!


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