Cart Delivery Begins for New Mixed Recycling Program in Largo

Photo courtesy: City of Largo
Photo courtesy: City of Largo

The following news release was submitted for publication by the city of Largo: 

Largo residents will soon welcome an all new curbside recycling program.

Largo's Mixed Recycling Program makes recycling easier and accommodates more recyclables than ever before. The City of Largo welcomes back colored glass bottle and jars their program and introduces plastics #3 through #7, paper cartons and metal food cans.

“Residents have often been confused by what they can and can't recycle,” said Solid Waste Manager Michael Gordon. “Thanks to the technology of new sorting facilities in the area, we are finally able to recycle so much more,” said Gordon.

Residents have begun to receive wheeled carts with lids that can be easily rolled to the curb on their recycle day. There is no sorting necessary in this new, easy Mixed Recycling Program. The first collection of mixed recyclables is set to begin February 3rd, 2014. For more information about the program, including a full list of acceptable materials, visit LargoRecyclesMore.com.


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