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Are You Worried About Your Job?

The state's jobless rate is better than it was in 2011, yet still higher than the national average.

Florida's unemployment rate nudged higher in July to 8.8 percent, wth the state overall shedding 3,300 jobs.

Although the figure is only slightly higher than last month's 8.6 percent rate, economists expressed some disappointment that they are not seeing a rebound, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The jobless report was announced the same week that Tropicana, owned by PepsiCo, announced it planned to lay off a dozen workers at its orange juice plant in Bradenton. The company also said it could not rule that additional layoffs would follow in 2012.

According to TBO.com, state unemployment rates stayed at 8.6 percent in Juny and July. The figure is higher than the 8.3 percent posting in May.

July’s numbers, however, are significantly lower than the 10.6 percent unemployment rate Florida logged in 2011, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. That agency lists several states with unemployment rates much higher than Florida’s. Those that top the list for July 2012 are:

  • California, 10.7 percent
  • Georgia, 9.3 percent
  • Nevada, 12 percent
  • Rhode Island, 10.8
  • South Carolina, 9.6 percent

How is unemployment in your town?

Dona Lee August 19, 2012 at 02:14 AM
My unemployment runs out in eight weeks. Nothing with a fair wage has come up all year. I have been working ten hours, six days a week a day trying to create a business that will support me soon. My best friend, over 50, has been unemployed for 4 years and counting. He lost his home and his family. He has considered jumping off the Skyway, but figures he'd probably survive and without insurance be in a bigger mess. I have more friends than I can count on my hands out of work for over a year, others are struggling to pay mortgages while they work 40 hours a week at half the pay they earned twenty years ago. At my lasy job I made less than $10. an hour. Who can survice on that? I was making fifty grand a year through the 90's. This country is spiriling in a free fall that we can't pull out of. It won't get better in our life time. We have passed the golden years and are merely waiting to see which country rises from the ashes. I used to think it would be China but now I believe we should watch South America. Many of their countries are even now in positive growth, with growing middle classes, rising wages, and plenty of natural resources. Our time in the limelight is over. Corruption, greed, apathy led us here and it is too late to recover.


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