Three-Car Collision on Missouri Avenue Sends Three People to Area Hospitals

The accident occurred at the corner of Missouri Avenue and Rosery Road at around 4 p.m. Monday.

An accident at the corner of Missouri Avenue and Rosery Road on Monday afternoon left three vehicles damaged and sent three people to the hospital, with one of them facing multiple charges for causing the collision.

According to Officer David Green of the Largo Police Department, two vehicles were stopped at the red light on Missouri Avenue waiting to turn left onto Rosery Road. The third vehicle struck the first two, causing damage to all three vehicles as well as injuries to the occupants.

"Two vehicles were stopped at the red light, the third vehicle failed to stop, ran into the back of the second vehicle, which then ran into the back of the first vehicle," Green said at the scene.

"All three drivers are being transported (to the hospital) at this time."

Green, the investigating officer at the scene, also stated that the driver of the third vehicle, a white minivan, will be facing several charges as a result of the accident.

"The driver of the at-fault vehicle will receive several citations for the cause of crash, and possible additional charges pending the outcome of a DUI investigation."

One car, a white, late model sedan, was severly damaged by the impact of the minivan. The first vehicle, a grey SUV, was driven off to the side of the scene by a police officer. 

The accident did not snarl traffic, as the damage was confined to one lane and there were multiple emergency personnel on site to direct traffic. 


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