Bar Fight Disfigures Man's Face, Police Say

The victim required multiple reconstructive surgeries to repair the left side of his face and eye, police report.

A local man was charged with aggravated battery on Dec. 30 for a "disturbance," which reportedly left the victim with severe damage to his face that required "multiple reconstructive surgeries," police report.

According to the arrest affidavit, Joshua Jay Maloney, 24, of Largo, allegedly punched the victim "in the left side of his face during a distrubance at Sportscasters. (The) def(endant) continued to punch (the victim) several times as they both went to the ground and several bystanders pulled the def(endant) away from (the victim)," police report.

The victim sustained severe "damage to his left eye and cheek area requiring multiple reconstructive surgeries," police report.

The alleged incident at Sportscasters on Dec. 12 around 4:30 a.m. was captured on video surveillance, police report.

Maloney was awaiting trial as of Dec. 31 at Pinellas County Jail on total bond of $10,000. He was arrested Dec. 30 on the charge of aggravated battery-physical disfigurement, according to online sheriff's records.


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