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Undecided Voters: What Are You Waiting For?

As Election Day 2012 draws closer, we want to hear from undecided voters around Tampa Bay.

While most voters have already made up their minds whether they want to re-elect President Barack Obama or cast their ballots in favor of former Gov. Mitt Romney, about 7 percent of the likely voting population remains undecided, according to the Huffington Post.

It’s that undecided group we want to reach out to today. We’d like to hear from those of you who remain unsure which way you’ll go on Nov. 6.

Here are our questions for you: What has prevented you from making up your mind so far? Is there a particular issue or stand on an issue you’re waiting to hear more from the candidates about? What would make you favor one candidate over another?

Maybe you're passionate about the economy and haven't heard a plan that resonates yet? Perhaps you want a candidate to be more outspoken about climate change? Or, are you still trying to decide which front runner is most likely to effect positive changes in America?

Whatever the case, we want to hear your opinions. Sound off on why you're still undecided in the comments section below.

Mike Chubre October 17, 2012 at 03:55 AM
Putting people who get controlled substances from doctors on a prescription drug database is NOT a punishment by any means . And if they are using the pain meds as directed and not selling them, then they have nothing to be upset over by being on the database . People should be happy some states have the database . By being on this database, its not a reflection of that person. The databases goal is to catch the drug dealers who are going to many many doctors day after day to get drugs to sell . No one should feel uneasy about this at all. As a parent you should be glad your state has a database if it does. Pasco county FL is the worst county out of 67 in florida for prescription drug abuse . If the database was written correctly we would a BIG part of the drug problems in the county . The drug dealers are now going to differant states daily to get their drugs instead of going to differant doctors in Fl becaause of the database we now have . But it has been reported only 2% of doctors are using it. It should be mandatory every time a script is written , but the republicans did not want to punish the drug dealers to much , so the reporting is voluntary . We could get a handle on the drug problem in Pasco , if the democrats were in charge . Just another reason we dont need a rep for president. It would be a step backwards . Please vote Obama for our children sake .
Mike Chubre October 17, 2012 at 04:06 AM
Sen Rubio approved of the Taj Mahal at a cost of 50million dollars A new court house many said was a mistake , including other republicans. So full of corruption that a judge had to resign in order for the surpreme court to not prosecute him. But the sen got to walk away without an explanation of any kind. We could not fund the prescription drug database at 1million , and the reps would not even allow the drug companies to pay for it at their request ??? Why? Because money was never the issue. Protecting the doctors wallets was . The drug companies like the idea of no database also . So why did the republicans not allow this database be tax payer funded? call your local sen and ask ? Good luck gettING A STRAIGHT answer , if any at all. What Iam trying to explain is the republicans have no use for the middle class . Please vote Obama
Robert October 17, 2012 at 01:00 PM
Obama has no plan on the table. Aside from the attacks on Romney, what was Obama's bold fresh plan for his next administration? No vision, no answers for his failed policy. That is why his 2008 supporters are leaving by the droves. We welcome your support to get our country back on track by someone who knows how to do it! ROMNEY RYAN!
Robert October 17, 2012 at 01:03 PM
Watching Barack Hussein Obama struggle last night brought back memories of Carter in his malaise stage. A cloud of malaise has descended now on this failed president too!
Mike Chubre October 19, 2012 at 06:09 AM
Anyone who thinks Obama was struggling at the second debate must of been asleep . Obama put that liar Romney in his place and if Big mouth Tag raised his hand to Obama , I am sure Obam would of put Tag in his place also. And I would pay to see that. These republicans need to learn that actions speak louder than words . The only actions I see out of Romney is hot air.


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