Restaurant Review: Wung Thai

Wung Thai may be the most affordable Sushi joint in Largo. With a killer $1 sushi deal, it's hard to go wrong, or break the bank here.

It's hard to resist discounted dining deals. What better way to try some professionally prepped food for not a lot of dough, right? 

Groupon, Living Social, in store specials; all these work to bring people into dining establishments they might not otherwise dine at just out of the sheer principle of a good deal.

Wung Thai is one of these places.  A prominent "$1 Sushi" decal emblazoned on their storefront is enough to make anyone fond of sushi hit the brakes and make a sharp right into the shopping complex it's housed in, myself included.

Walking in, you're greeted with all the typical ornate fixings found in many Thai restaurants.  It's tiny, but comforting, boasting a small sushi bar and rows of high-backed booth seating. 

On a Tuesday night around 7 p.m., the place was barren, though.  Two patrons, including myself, were the only ones dining.  Maybe not the best of signs, but maybe that would mean the food would be prepped with extra love out of chef boredom.

Not quite. 

Egg rolls to start the meal were over fried and hard to the point of being pretty dangerous projectile objects. They were really tiny, like the size of a roll of pennies you'd get at the bank. A little more plumpness to these guys would probably be advantageous. The pre-made duck sauce left much to be desired as well. 

The $1 sushi at Wung Thai has its stipulations.  If you're ordering raw sushi, you've got to order a minimum of four pieces for $4.  Still not a bad deal at all.  Raw sushi selections include a huge variety of proteins including salmon, smelt roe, octopus, tuna, and many, many more

Sushi rolls clock in at $4 for the sushi deal.  For 8 pieces, that's pretty impressive knowing how expensive this Japanese delicacy can get.  It wasn't that bad either.  Nothing stellar, more like grocery-store level sushi, but with a price tag like that, can you really complain?

Spicy tuna rolls come packed with raw, blood red tuna, scallions, and a spicy sauce.  Not quite tongue searing by any means, the spicy tuna rolls were still delicious and well worth the price.  The California roll fared a little more bland due to the imitation krab inside, but was held up nicely by the inclusion of avocado and cucumber.

For $8 bucks you can get a full-on sushi feast at Wung Thai.  Maybe it's not the best sushi in the world, let alone near Largo, but a deal like this is worth the visit alone.

Wung Thai is located at 5545 Roosevelt Blvd in Clearwater near High Point.


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