Restaurant Review: The Pie Factory and Toucan's Coffee House

Find ridiculously delicious pies and many more sweet delicacies at the Pie Factory and Toucan's Coffee House.

Of all the popular desserts one can get out there, nothing quite takes the cake (pun intended) like a big ol’ slice of pie.  From sweet apple to savory chocolate and seemingly every flavor between, it’s quite apparent that we Americans love our pies.

Finding a quality slice though can be somewhat of a tricky endeavor if you’re looking for a version of this after-meal treat that’s truly out of this world.  Grandma’s generations-old, absolutely perfected pie recipe aside, to find a good pie outside the confines of a restaurant or mega-chain grocery store, you’ve got to know the lay of the land when it comes to your town’s culinary landscape.

We’ll help you beat the system here and tell you the here in Largo will do you solid if you’re looking for some pie that’ll truly wow.

The crowning achievement at the Pie Factory seems to be their key-lime pie.  Described on the menu as a recipe handed down from multiple generations, the key-lime pie here is a pale yellow monstrosity seemingly begging you to try it from behind the glass.

A bite into a slice of this thing yields a creamy tartness that words would fall short of even describing.  Silky smooth and complex with hints of sweet and tart dancing on the taste buds, you can tell the key-lime at the Pie Factory is the culmination of generations of thought and subtle changes to make this thing near-perfect. 

Another sampled pie was the Pie Factory’s peanut butter fudge swirled pie.  A basic mix of creamy peanut butter and decadent chocolate fudge, the peanut butter swirl is definitely a satisfying treat for any peanut butter lover.  The fudge swirl was smooth and rich without being too cloying like many peanut butter pies and definitely another ample achievement at the Pie Factory.

If you’re looking for pie made with an unmatched sense of love and attention in Largo, the Pie Factory is definitely where it’s at.

In addition to pies, the Pie Factory and Toucan’s Coffee House also serves cakes, cookies, pastries, quiche, and various other savory snacks. 

They ship their pies anywhere in the U.S.  Just call toll-free at 866-593-1884 or .


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