Restaurant Review: Seminole Subs and Gyros

Head to Seminole Subs and Gyros for a wide variety of Greek and American comfort food served with speed and affordability.

No matter how tiny, run-down, or just plain questionable they can be, there’s a special charm old city sandwich shops hold that can never be taken away.  The greasy brown bags, even greasier food, the minimal, if any, décor that looks straight out of 1987; it all melds to give places like these a like it or leave it attitude you can’t help but admire sometimes.

definitely fits this profile nicely. Serving up an assortment of quick-prepped American and Greek cuisine including sandwiches, gyros, salads, wings, and more, Seminole Subs and Gyros is the place to go if you want your food quick, cheap and a step above typical McChain fast food fare.

Hot subs seemed like their main attraction and the pizza sub was a delightfully intriguing selection that was begging to be tried.  A slice down the middle revealed a gut-busting grouping of pepperoni, genoa salami, pizza sauce, lettuce, tomato, and onion nestled a soft and ample sized hoagie roll.  I feared that the pizza sauce was going to be laid on pretty thick and mask the flavors of the other ingredients, but they play it safe (and smart) at Seminole Subs and Gyros with a modest smear of marinara sauce atop the meats and veggies on the pizza sub.  Even so, the sandwich was a hefty, artery-clogging delight to chow down on, but nothing out of this world.

The accompanying shoestring fries were hot off the fryer- crisp, glistening with remnant grease and salted to perfection.  It’s hard to screw up fries, but credit where credit is due, these were delicious. 

Their chicken tenders, of all things, were definitely the surprise hit of the visit.  No tiny, finger-sized tenders here.  These things are huge.  Two next to each other on a bun could easily make for a super sized chicken sandwich.  Not only that, but the quality of the tenders was just as intriguing as the quantity with a perfectly-proportioned amount of flaky golden breading coating the massive strips of white meat chicken breast; a welcomed surprise and definitely worth coming back for again.

Seminole Subs and Gyros will definitely do you solid if your looking for some quick and big eats that won’t break the bank.  No chic, contemporary atmosphere or creative, modern delicacies here- just classic, comforting food that aims right for the gut and delivers.


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