Most Popular Sunday Sunsets of 2012

As we close out 2012, we're recognizing and enjoying the year's five most popular sunsets.

You send us gorgeous sunset photos you take in Dunedin almost every week. And each one tends to take our breath away.

We so enjoy sharing your sunsets on Patch because each one is a reminder to pause and appreciate what we love most about living in Dunedin.

So, as we close out 2012, we'd like to recognize and enjoy the year's five most popular sunsets once more.

Without further adieu, here are the Top Five Sunday Sunsets of 2012:

5. Brian Ross for On the Dunedin Causeway, which ran July 1.

4. Marie Gregg for Celebrate the Causeway Blues, which ran Jan. 1.

3. Bob MacDonald for A Little Marina Romance, which ran Feb. 12.

2. Kathy Lerche for Time to Rest at Dunedin Causeway, which ran Aug. 5.

1. Janice Spencer Smith for From Dunedin Cottages, which ran Sept. 9.

To submit a Sunday Sunset for Patch to possibly feature, email editor Katie Dolac or upload it into the community scrapbook. Be sure to include a brief description of when and where it was taken.

You can also re-visit the Sunday Sunsets here anytime (whether it's Sunday or another day ending in 'Y'). Just hover over the "News" tab in the navagation bar across the homepage, and click on "Sunday Sunsets" from the drop-down menu.

Enjoy, and keep those sunsets coming!

Katie Dolac December 30, 2012 at 04:29 PM
Rockin' sunsets! Keep 'em coming! :)


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