How to Turn Your Temporary Job into a Full-Time Position

What if you've taken a temporary employment assignment and you feel it's right for you? Here's how to turn a temporary job into a full-time position.

Working with HH Staffing Services can be a rewarding experience those who are looking for quick, temporary employment. Combining your skills, work experience and area of expertise with the right employer is our specialty. Working with a temporary agency also provides you with an opportunity to get a feel for different company cultures and "test the waters," so to speak. If you've committed to a temporary job but it's not exactly the right fit for you, --no problem! You can end that assignment on a good note and move on to another position when it comes available. As far as flexibility goes, there's nothing quite like working with our temporary staffing services.

But what if you've taken a temporary employment assignment and you feel it's right for you? You look forward to each day, you're learning and growing, and you can see a real future with the company you've been placed with. How do you turn a temporary job into a full-time position? I'm glad you asked! Here are some tips to help stack the odds in your favor.

Understand the Job Scope

Employers that use temporary staffing agencies have clear cut needs from the temporary employees they hire. For instance, a company may specify their need for temporary staffing with no room to convert to full time, while another business may be open to temp-to-permanent. Knowing the scope of the job beforehand will enable you to choose ones that can become full time. The best way to do this is to have clear lines of communication with your recruiter from the beginning.

When applying for a position with our Bradenton, Sarasota, Clearwater or Orlando temporary staffing agency, be sure to let them know you're open to both temporary and temp-to-permanent positions. If you're offered a particular assignment, ask the right questions to clarify the details.

Be the Best Employee Possible

If you want to get noticed and ultimately land a full-time position at the company you are working for, you have to show them the best, most dedicated version of yourself. Even if the company you are assigned to doesn't offer a full-time position for a particular assignment, future assignments will rely heavily on your past performance with HH Staffing. Being picky about jobs, dismissing opportunities that you feel are unfruitful, or ending an assignment before it is over are huge mistakes when working with any temporary agency.

Do the best job you possibly can whether you are doing landscaping, waiting tables or answering the phone. You can’t be a wall flower either. Letit be known that you are thrilled to be working there and would love to come on board full time. Being proactive and your own advocate is the best way to reach the employment goals you've set for yourself.

Be Flexible to a Fault!

When employers are looking to hire new staff members they want people who are flexible both in the hours they can work and the tasks they are willing to perform. If you display these qualities, you're much more likely to be in the running when the employer is looking to fill a permanent position. Always be willing to switch shifts, perform extra tasks or take on additional assignments if they come up. Keep in mind, even if your particular assignment is not going to turn into a permanent position, your employer won't want to lose a shining star whose always there to take up the slack. You may find yourself offered an even better position once your assignment is complete.

Treat Every Day Like an Interview

One of the best ways to ensure you have the right attitude when working your temporary assignment is to act as if every day is an interview. That means being on time every day, looking professional, meeting deadlines and always looking for ways to go the extra mile.

Think of it this way; When you're on assignment, you're already an insider. If you shine in your position, who do you think the company will look to when they have a true full-time opening available? You are right there, convenient, and have already proven yourself.

So don't let the idea of a temporary assignment allow you to slack or treat the job as less important than a full-time position.  Always do your best and you'll see doors open for you that you didn't even plan for or expect!

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