What Largo's Saying: Pedestrian's Death on Seminole Blvd. and a Happy Ending For Her Dog

Two recent Largo Patch stories about the death of an 82-year-old pedestrian on Seminole Boulevard and the efforts to help her lost dog reconnect with her family struck a chord with Patch readers. Have you weighed in yet?

A recent Largo Patch story about the death of an 82-year-old pedestrian on Seminole Boulevard has drawn lots of reaction from our readers.

Several people commented that conditions on Seminole Boulevard aren't safe for pedestrians or motorists.

"The city of Largo needs to put more lights out in that area," posted maria. "It is way too dark at night and they as well need to fix that light on the corner of where McDonalds and Seminole Blvd is at. After a certain time at night it blinks red only and its dangerous."

"How many more deaths have to take place before any action is taken other than playing the blame game," commented Leroy A Haggard. "That is an extremely dangerous corner to cross. A lot of talk but no action."

"I alone can remember 6 deaths in that stretch in the past yr. which one was a close friend," posted BjG. "It's starting to become a city negligence as well as drivers.... How can this be fixed because this is a huge discrace on the city of largo as well..."

Some readers chimed in to express condolences for the victim, Margaret Wix. And an employee of Animal Hospital of Seminole used the comments section on Patch to help reconnect Wix's dog — which she had apparently been looking for at the time she was struck — with Wix's family in Tennessee.

"What wonderful work you all do servicing the community!" wrote Maryann mosher balbo about the efforts by several local rescuers and community members to help the dog find its family.

We want to hear from you, Largo. Have you weighed in yet? Do you agree that Seminole Boulevard is unsafe? Post a comment here or on any Patch story and join the discussion.

Anne SHEPPARD November 20, 2012 at 08:40 PM
Was at the McDonalds when that poor woman was killed, my friend who lives around the corner saw the dog run towards her car with the leash still on . We were so happy to read that the dog had been id'd. And then family had been found. I have had 5 close calls with other.cars pulling onto sem blvd and not looking and elec wheelchair and bicycle close calls in the last 3 weeks alone. Scary lately. Anne
Tracy November 21, 2012 at 02:03 AM
There are several unresolved hit and run traffic fatalities along Seminole Blvd. The problem is not the City of Largo but the Florida Department of Transportation. Seminole Blvd is a state maintained roadway. The poor lighting is not just along the Largo sections but also further south to 102nd Ave N. The statistics are there to count the number of car crashes and fatalities. The state needs to get off their bottoms and put in lighting.
Monte Geldern November 21, 2012 at 10:42 PM
Who really needs to be crossing a busy thoroughfare like Seminole Blvd. on foot at night anyway? Particularly an elderly person! You don't really hear about these kinds of accidents in big cities (IE: New York) because pedestrians there are more savy and don't just step out into the street or even trust stop signs or traffic signals. They LOOK and KEEP looking until they see an opening and then cross. This is common sense that the average Pinellas County pedestrian does not exercise. JMHO. -Monte
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Justin Johnson January 10, 2013 at 11:38 PM
I work at the McDonald's she got hit by, I was not there when she was hit but she used to always come inside and was always friendly and talked to everyone, I remember the last conversation I had with her she was getting ready to cross the road with her dog and she was talking about the upcoming election. I remember the conversation about her husband who passed away, and many others before. She was a very nice lady.
daughter January 15, 2013 at 07:05 PM
I do not believe my mom had her dog when she was crossing the road. I believe she gave up looking for the dog and was headed home. As for why an elderly person would be crossing a road at night, perhaps it was because she gave up her drivers license because she was 82 years old. She has as much right to walk as people have to drive. Now for the lighting - really people - the first person to hit her was 19 years old and has better vision than I do. Unless he was distracted, there is no reason he should not have seen my mom. Although there are not street lights, the other lights in the area and headlights make it more than light enough to see. I believe most the other people that were hit at that intersection were under the influence (drugs or alchohal) according to the police. Please keep in mind the family checks these posting. This was a wrongful death and no one should forget that main fact.


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