Latest Poll on Green Light Pinellas

Skewed Poll or not GreenLight Pinellas is starting to look like a dud

The latest Poll on the Greenlight Pinellas sales tax referendum was commissioned by local surgeon Dr. David McKalip.

You can see the full results and charts at The Sun Beam Times 61% say “No Tax Hike” for Pinellas Rail. Few Will Ride the St. Petersburg-Clearwater Train.

The poll results are as follows:

The poll started as follows: “This is quick poll on the Greenlight Pinellas sales tax referendum in November.”

Do you support raising sales taxes to build a commuter train from St. Petersburg to Clearwater?
Yes: 38.7%
No: 45.3%
Not sure: 16.1%

 Are you likely to ride a train between St. Petersburg and Clearwater on a regular basis?

Yes: 17.6%
No: 73.9%
Not sure: 8.5%

Were you aware that Sales taxes will be raised from 7 cents to 8 cents, a 14% increase, creating the highest sales tax in Florida?
Yes: 37.4%
No: 56.3%
Not sure: 6.2% 

Do you still support raising sales taxes to build a commuter train from St. Petersburg to Clearwater?
(This question was only asked to 1095 people who said Yes or Not Sure to the first question)
Yes: 55.2%
No: 30.0%
Not sure: 14.8%

Overall support for raising sales taxes to build a commuter train from St. Petersburg to Clearwater, (including fourth question change of responses):
Yes: 30.1%
No: 60.9%
Not sure: 9.0% 

There has been a lot of carping that the poll questions are skewed, and from a purely scientific poling perspective they probably are.

But for the most part they seem to be the questions the public would like answered.

The Poll seems to show that once people get some of the underlying facts about the sales tax/GreenLight effort they have pretty strong opinions.

Interesting piece in the St. Petersburg Tribune by Christopher O'Donnell Rail Backers Say Pinellas poll skews results. Even the headline is telling "Rail Backers..." You don't see the bus backers because in reality there are not any. At least none willing to require that the money is spent on buses

The people who really want this $100 million dollar annual tax windfall are the people defined in the very last line of the article "A consortium, of Realtors and development firms...". Not exactly people you would bump into on a bus or train ride for that matter.

As a Realtor or development firm, if you haven't already ponyed up to a GreenLight PAC, you might want to think twice about throwing your support to an effort over half of the public seems to think is a bad idea. You can probably get more political bang for your buck elsewhere.              

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JudyToo January 30, 2014 at 07:45 PM
http://www.sunbeamtimes.com/category/psta/rail/ ........ Read about the poll and other perspectives on the PSTA scheme.
Scooter Dave January 31, 2014 at 02:21 PM
>>> The Tea Party forgets that YOU are "the government", and me, and them. WE all decide what is considered a requirement for our residents. Is it clinical care, or "bite on a spoon". Is it a single lane gravel road, two lane paved, 8-lane with turnouts, flyover bridges, or light rail? The Tea Party doesn't get to pick and claim anyone picking a different solution is a crook or an idiot. WE know that, now YOU go tell THEM. We are all in this together. <<< Who has a "Rant" here. People in my family use public transit due to disability. I talk to people at bus stops. I know nice, middle class people in nice middle class neighborhoods doing without a license for several months while sorting out a DUI. Maybe, Judy two, you're a stay at home mom, with two arms, legs, and eyes, and plenty of time and money where you don't need to take transit to work. I am paying high taxes (unemployment fees, SNAP taxes, more sheriff/police, higher home insurance, extra medicaid, more jails) because otherwise employable people cannot afford reliable transportation (cars) to get and keep steady work. Speaking of "follow the money"? Do YOU own a string of over priced Used Car lemon-lots and ripoff car repair garages down in the poor part of town? You seem to want to make sure everybody stays poor while you laugh your way to the bank selling and repairing overpriced clunkers. Lots of people make lots of dough making sure those that want to work and could work cant get reliable transportation to a steady job. Noun, Verb, 9/11 doesn't work anymore. So now its "uppity", "lazy", and "socialism", right? Put down whatever you're drinking to lecture me on economics and tax policy.
Mitchell McConnell January 31, 2014 at 02:33 PM
Light rail between St. Pete and Clearwater won't help any get anywhere, except between St. Pete and Clearwater. It won't help the people you talk to at bus stops... public transportation has to go *many* places where people live and work. I don't see how fixed rail of any weight does that.
JudyToo January 31, 2014 at 08:53 PM
It is not really about public transit:..................................... http://www.sunbeamtimes.com/2014/01/29/greenlight-pinellas-11-deceptions-revealed-endless-deception-is-the-goal/
Scooter Dave February 05, 2014 at 01:42 AM
There are 16 stops on the Clw/StP rail line. Why are opponents obsessed with saying "clearwater to st pete"? Because it sounds true enough, and scary, like someone's playing a trick on you ... Whats reality? Will people relocate to within .75 to 1mi of each of those 16 stations? I heard NTFT opponents call it pack & stack housing. Part of a secret UN plot to destroy our country. Google it, they say PSTA busses use tinted glass to hide the illegal immigrants they bus in daily right under our noses, and for the UN soldiers who will be brougjt in to enforce UN mandate #21. The Tea Party says "the government" is going to MAKE you give up your home and yard and be forced into the behemouths. But others call that low cost car free living. And it represents the construction of thousands of new residential units, all paying brand new property taxes, spending money locally, eith no new road congestion.


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