Publix Coupons Enter the Digital Age

The new tool will enable Largo customers to present digital coupons at the checkout.

Largo bargain hunters will soon have a new way to save in the Publix checkout line.

The grocery retailer is poised to roll out its new digital coupons at stores throughout Central Florida over the next few weeks, according to The Tampa Tribune.

The digital coupon program enables Publix shoppers to skip cutting out coupons to bring into the store. Instead, all they have to do is sign up for a free account, select their coupons online and then give the telephone number associated with their account in the checkout line. The coupons that match the purchases made will automatically be applied toward the bill, according to the Publix website.

While the digital coupons will save customers from printing online coupons and might spare them from clipping them out from the newspaper, Publix will still in fact accept paper coupons, The Tribune story says. The chain will also continue to offers its famous BOGOs (buy-one, get-one free offers).

Current plans call for rolling out the digital coupons at all Publix locations in Central Florida in the coming weeks. The intent is to offer the program in all 1,000-plus Florida stores by the end of March.

Want to save even more at the checkout? Be sure to check out Grocery Specials section before heading out to the store.


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