Hair Extensions Support Foundation for Women's Cancer

Midori Salon and Spa supports the Foundation for Women's Cancer by donating the proceeds from their hair extensions. You can help their cause by adding trendy colorful hair extensions to your style.

Hair extensions are a fun alternative to creating a new trendy look. But for most cancer patients it's a step toward recovery.

"Many of our clients are chemotherapy patients. As their hair grows out, the extensions help fill in [lost hair]," said Amber Lee, cosmetologist at Midori Salon & Spa.

In support of Ovarian Cancer Awareness month,  is donating the proceeds of their hair extensions in the month of September to the Foundation for Women's Cancer.

You can support the cause by adding hair extensions or feathers to your hairstyle. Midori will feature $10 teal extensions and feathers; and $2 teal bling extensions. 

Lee shares the ins and outs of hair extensions with Patch. Here's what she had to say.

What Are Hair Extensions?

Like the name implies, extensions are sections of hair that are attached to your own hair. It provides an extension of your natural hair.

Midori's extensions are created with human hair, which means you can wash, blow-dry, flat-iron, curl and style the section just as you would your hair.

 It can last a month or longer in your hair, depending on a few factors.

"Some can last several months. It depends on how fast your hair grows," Lee said.

She explained that since extensions are applied close to the root, it will grow out with your natural growth.

It also depends on how well you take care of the extension. While it's similar to styling your hair, the extension could become loose or damaged if you aren't careful with your styling tools.

Take Your Pick

Extensions come in a variety of styles: natural colors, vibrant colors (like teal or pink), feathers and strands, called 'bling' extensions.

"Feathers are popular with teens and younger women," Lee said.

The feather extensions are created from a special type of rooster feather, according to Lee. Feathers vary in color and length.

Bling extensions are strands that "look like tinsel", according to Lee. 

They are bright with a various, reflective colors in each strand. The bling extensions can withstand heat of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can blow-dry and flat-iron your hair while wearing it.

"It's more durable than you'd think," Lee said.

Hair extensions come in a variety of colors, including those that would blend in with natural hair colors, like browns and blondes. They're usually a thin section of hair.

The vibrant extensions are usually wider and provide a fun way to play with color without using hair dye or highlighting applications.

Easy Application

Depending on the type of extension, the application can vary from a clip to bonding or a loop. The clip style is the easiest, as you gently attach the extension with a small comb-like clip.

Salons apply the other types. For those with bonding, the top of the extension has a band of glue that attaches the extension to your hair. It's usually found on the vibrant extensions, which have a wider band of hair.

On the thinner extensions, a loop attaches around your natural hair, which helps make the extension blend in your hair and look natural.

Rock Wild or Mild Trend Styles

The fancier, colorful extensions are usually worn for special occasions. Since feather extensions are a little more fragile than the other types, most women wear them to dress up a special event or evening.

"Bling extensions are usually for special occasions. You can get it to stand out or blend in with your hair so it's only seen if the light reflects it," Lee said.

Most of the extensions are worn on one side of the hair. Similar to deciding the tone and vibrancy in highlighting your hair, the placement of extensions is a personal preference.

You can use extensions to make a wild statement, add a nice highlighting affect or almost conceal it.

"You can attach it to your under your part for a peek-a-boo effect," Lee said. "You can also put it behind your ear, so it can only be seen when you pull your hair back."

The skinnier extensions are often put closer around the face for a bit of highlighting.

If you want a bolder look, attach the extension to lay on top your hair. Some women want vibrant color on each side of their head.

"Some people put in two, one on each side to frame the face," Lee said.

Inexpensive Fun

Extensions are much cheaper than adding permanent highlights. Regular extensions are $10 each. Bling strands are $4, and feathers are $4 to $6, depending on the length.

You can reuse the extensions, removing them after the occasion and then getting them re-attached at a later date.

Lee advises women visit the salon to have the extension properly removed.

"I've seen some people do it themselves, but it's better to have a stylist do it. You could damage or pull your hair when trying to remove it," Lee said.

The ones with bonding glue require a special solvent to remove it. Midori doesn't charge to remove the extension.

If it has become a little loose or grown out with your hair, you can get it re-attached for only $4.

For more information on extensions and the September charity, contact Midori Salon & Spa at (727) 581-8791. 


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