Bites Nearby: Fortunato's Italian Pizzeria

Fortunato's specializes in all things Italian

has divided the past thirty plus years between Maryland and Florida. Since 1990, however, the inviting restaurant has been a singular Largo treasure.

Located on Starkey and Park Boulevard, Fortunato’s has built its reputation on serving quality and authentic Italian food at reasonable prices. This spot prides itself on maintaining a trattoria tradition, a casual authentic Italian feel, and their customers have reaped the benefits.

When going to a pizzeria, the food of choice is typically a pizza. Fortunato’s is no different. All of their pies are hand tossed and oven-baked. One particularly good option is the Pizza Bianca, which includes ricotta and mozzarella cheese, in addition to fresh garlic and olive oil.

Another popular tasty option is the Cheese Manicotti, which can be purchased for the reasonable price of $10.50.

Visit a at 7700 Starkey Road, or call 727-393-4500 for more information.


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