Mechanic Leaves Secure Job To Pursue Passion in Photography

Tim Hubbard left his stable career as a mechanic to pursue his passion in photography. Hubbard and his brothers opened their online art gallery called Art Gone Bad in 2001.

For some being an artist is something that can be learned, but for Tim Hubbard, art runs deep in his blood.

Hubbard left his secure career as a mechanic to pursue his passion in photography. Although the pay was great, there was something missing, he said, the chance to create art. He studied to be a mechanic shortly after graduating high school, but his first job was in his first love, photography.

“My first job when I was teenager was product photography and weddings. I enjoy the endless possibilities, being creative is what it’s all about,” Hubbard said.

Hubbard said at 20 years old, he started shooting local bands and started developing his skills as a creative-experimental photographer. His artistic trait is using a slow shutter speed to convey motions and distortion. Some of his inspiration comes from his life as a skateboarder and his love for punk rock.

In 2001, Hubbard and his two younger brothers decided to start their own online gallery comprised with photography, sculptures, paintings and music. Art Gone Bad based in Largo, is an outlet to demonstrate to the world their art and creativity, risking being judged by others.

“Instead of having a closet full of artwork collecting dust, we decided to put it out there,” Hubbard explains.

According to Hubbard, the company was also a way to have gallery shows where there were no rules or following the norm. Hubbard is a person who does not follow others nor needs permission to create his art, he doesn’t apologize if what him and his brothers create offends people.

“Anybody can create art, that doesn’t mean it will sell. You had to have the backbone to put it out there for other to judge,” Hubbard said.

Art Gone Bad put out their first multimedia gallery show in May 2004 called “Punk Since 1977."  For the past seven years, they have appeared in different gallery shows all over Largo and the Tampa Bay area. Their art is also sold online, all over the nation and continues to attract ongoing customers.

The Hubbard brothers are constantly working on projects and hopefully sometime next year will showcase their most recent work. The brothers feel by bringing all their talents together, Art Gone Bad has something all artists can enjoy.

“We have a few things we are working on right now, next year we hope to have another multi-media show,” Hubbard said. 

Angelo Asignacion November 02, 2011 at 01:46 AM
That was brave.... and i am sure that will be rewarding.... we only live once so better to pursue something we love if we CAN... Jobs(http://ow.ly/7g5AR ) are everywhere, but our happiness is somewhere in one place :) Very inspiring.... see if deal making is your call! www.crumblrr.com


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