911 Survivor's New Career Focus: Helping Seniors

After surviving the collapse of the Twin Towers, this former financial trader changed careers to helping seniors.

A decade after the collapse of the World Trade Center Michael Fineo, who was in one of the towers when the planes hit on 9/11, started a new career with a focus on helping prevent people from falling. Fineo installed his anti-slip floor treatment at the Palms of Largo.

"I always wanted to do something on my own with my wife...My parents were aging (fall prevention) made perfect sense. It really sparked my interest. My father was falling all the time. It was one other way to do something I was really proud of," Fineo said.

Fineo was in Tower 1 on Sept. 11, 2001, working as a money market broker on the 25th Floor.

"As I stepped out of the subway that Tuesday morning, I was greeted by a perfect fall day... It was business as usual. Then, just before 9 a.m., a deafening explosion or some sort of impact rocked the building. I literally fell out of my chair," Fineo wrote in his blog.  

After 9/11 Fineo realized he no longer wanted to work in the stock market. For a time he worked in sales, then two years ago he started Safe Surface Solutions, which treats any floor surface with anti-slip protection. The one-time treatment works indoors or outdoors, Fineo said.

"We started with ceramic (surfaces) now we can do any floor. Our customers (include)  assisted living communities, fast food restaurants, hotels and residences," Fineo said.

"Since September 11th, my desire to serve others has increased tenfold – beginning with my family. God still wants me here for a purpose. It is not for me to question, but only to meld my will to His and bask in the blessings He gives me," Fineo wrote in his blog. 

Read more of Fineo's blog here.


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