Trashy Fashion Show: Fashionistas Go Green

The trashiest and greenest fashion show to hit the run way is back, tonight at 7 p.m. at the Largo Cultural Center. Don't miss out on seeing the latest designs using recycled materials.

Who ever thought granola bar wrappers, garbage bags, cardboards and aluminum could turn heads on the catwalk? 

The designers of Largo’s Trashy Fashion Show have put their creative minds to work, to showcase gowns made of recycled materials and items that would otherwise be trashed. 

The greenest fashion to hit the runway is tonight at 7 p.m. at the Largo Cultural Center, 105 Central Park Dr., admission is $10. 

Since 2008 the City of Largo's , a recycled fashion show, has brought together green ideas, education and trendy new styles. The event educates people on waste reduction through making fashions out of trash. The city said the success of the show comes from their partnership with local businesses like .

Midori, an organic salon, returns to the show for their fourth year with a Japanese inspired design made by two of the salon’s stylists: Star Rummelt and Jamie O’Dell

During the shows VIP pre-show on Wednesday (April 20), O’Dell modeled the full themed Asian kimono gown. The dress and accessories were made from an old shampoo cape, rags, soda caps, old hair pieces and was painted with

The design and participation in the event, “is a big part of Midori,” said owner Amber Holland.  

Holland, who was born and raised in Largo, received an inscribed gold leaf that was placed on the Partnership Tree located in the lobby of l in recognition and gratitude for her support of the show. 

"That was the most rewarding thing I had happen to me since I’ve been a business owner,” Holland said. 

Holland’s salon was the lead sponsor in this year’s Trashy Fashion Show, donating $2,500.

Since 2008 Midori has been a substantial financial supporter. The salon’s staff donated their services to do contestants' hair and make up for the show. Over the past four years they have donated $5,500 in financial support of the show. 

After receiving the gold leaf at city hall Holland said she called her dad in tears because she was so happy her efforts were recognized by the city. 

“To me that’s a big deal,” Holland said.


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