Photo Gallery: Largo's Trashy Fashion Show

Featuring recycled designs by local students and adults, the fifth annual Trashy Fashion Show took place at the Largo Cultural Center on Saturday.

Featuring recycled designs crafted and modeled by local students and adults, the fifth annual Trashy Fashion Show took place at the on Saturday. 

The winners were:


  • Designers: Chloe Kelsch and Courtney LaGamba
  • Model: Brianna Passione
  • Materials: 24 electrical cords, 15 garbage bags, 1 sheet of aluminum foil, 3 feet of chicken wire, 1 old curtain, 1 net


  • Designer: Neva "The Diva" Durham
  • Model: Karissa Gonzalez
  • Design Materials: 1 used bamboo room curtain, 1 used plastic fish room curtain, 1 fur trim, flowers from old silk flower arrangements, old shoes from Goodwill, 2 family-size bags of Skittles, tart candies 


  • Designers: Amber and Allie Malott
  • Model: Amber Malott
  • Materials: 2 magazines, 8 yards of bubble wrap, 1 burlap rice bag, 53 beverage labels


  • Designer: Linda & Anna Mink
  • Model: Anna Mink
  • Materials: Discarded (stained) tablecloth, leather from the cushion of damaged couch, 1 water bottle, 1 stray button, 1 cord from a discarded curtain, 1 broken necklace


  • Designer: Hannah & Luz Morillo
  • Model: Hannah Morillo
  • Materials: 134 soda can tabs, 13 water bottle caps, 12 crushed eggshells, foam insulation, 10 water bottle bottom halves, ribbon, tile netting, old bed skirt

The Trashy Fashion Show celebrated Earth Day, and participants were encouraged to reduce, reuse and recycle discarded items to create fashions made from at least 75 percent recycled materials. Forty-two amateur designers and 25 green-friendly vendors participated.

For more on green initiatives in Largo, become a fan of Largo Recycles on Facebook.


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