Reader Spotlight: "First The Street Light Fiasco, Now This"

Reader Gary Moos expressed his displeasure with the city's treatment of the Firmenich proposal.

Recently we ran a piece about a sign that had been placed in front of a house on 14th Street South that was a direct response to the latest Planning & Zoning board decision to support the Firmenich property proposal.

Reader Gary Moos expressed his support of the sign - and displeasure with civic leaders - with this comment in the article:

What kind of sign can we display? I think lots of us would put them in our yards. 

It really is terrible how the city doesn't listen to the people. First, the street light fiasco, now this. 

What's next?

The comment begs the question: do you feel the city has the best interests in the community in mind when it comes to the Firmeich proposal and other issues, or are you of the opinion that the local government does whatever it wants to do regardless of public input? Let us know in the comments below.

Gary Michael Sintes January 15, 2013 at 05:14 PM
What about the impact of the development on the ability for residents to leave Safety Harbor in the event of a hurricane? As it stands now, MLK, Main Street, SR590 and Phillippe Parkway are the routes to the major arteries for evacuation. It is very likely that Phillippe Parkway / Bayshore Drive would be impassible due to flooding and likely that the Courtney Campbell Causeway would be closed for the same reason. (See Hurricane Elena in 1985.) So one less road for egress. Then, consider the northbound traffic on McMullen Booth Road in the event of evacuation because that is the direction you would be evacuating to. Now... McMullen Booth is stuffed because of evacuators coming from areas south of Safety Harbor. See the picture? What about the impact upon eastbound SR590 traffic while people are trying to make a left hand turn into the new development at the end of the work day. Think about where the property is located and count the number of cars using that route to get home. Now think about the backup... When does this idea get good for the other residents of Safety Harbor? This is about property tax revenue and other sources of revenue from those residents. Not a problem if you have the space and resources to accept the extra residents. What a way to start or end your commute to work on a normal day!
Barbara W. Hugg January 15, 2013 at 05:17 PM
Just what does it take to get the point across that we don't want this project passed? It's all been said very eloquently by others here, and at the meetings, yet here we are still struggling to have our voices heard. The negatives far out weigh the positives but those that have the control seem not to care. What is the bottom line? Why is the P and Z committee (less Karen) so anxious to have this pass? What is in it for them, and better yet, the City of Safety Harbor? Our neighborhood is all single family homes and home owners that care about our homes, city and community. How much care do you think renters will care? I hope our city commissioners understand and see this is not the way the city should go. Please come out to the city commissioners meeting on February 4th, and let your voices be heard, once again, whether yea or nay, it's important to let our city know how we feel.
Barbara W. Hugg January 15, 2013 at 05:18 PM
Nicely stated Gary...
Gary Moos January 16, 2013 at 11:01 PM
I just want to set the record straight; I don't think that the council has anything but the best intentions for the community. I'm just guessing that they have a "we know what's best" attitude. But that is sheer speculation. What is not speculation is that they were absolutely wrong in raising money for street lights with an assessment rather than a tax. By doing so they have rewarded a group  of homeowners who voluntarily segregated  themselves from the rest of the city, and punished many who can not afford to live in a gated community with a de facto regressive tax. That being said, I do wonder how many on the council live in gated communities and if they recused themselves.  
Russell Norman January 31, 2013 at 01:42 PM
Gary, I too believe that the P&Z and the Commissioners believe they know what's best for our community but don't have a clue. They are seeing the $'s and siding with the developers instead of representing the residents of Safety Harbor. Everyone I have talked to has said why now, why that tall and the traffic will be a nightmare. Please pass on the online web sight to sign the petition against the deveolpment of the Firmenich Property on this scale www.tinyurl.com\signonline We also need to have everyone show up at the commission meeting and to call or write the commissioners to let them know we are fed up. They need to do their job and represent the people of Safety Harbor. We need to keep the character of our town.


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